“God-Fatherism” and Tinubu of Nigerian Politics (A Lagos and Osun Night’s Tale)

During the 2015 general election, which saw the fall of an empire in Nigeria (PDP) and the ushering in of a self-acclaimed “Saviour” (PMB) into the Nigerian Politico-sphere, lots of Nigerians actually held on to the hope of a political revolution and the resuscitation of our stillbirth democracy. Alas, three and a half years later, we are waking up to the realization that help no longer lies in the hands of our many politicians who have refused to make the progress of the nation a priority. Despite the election of a popular candidate, security in the country is at an all-time low and life of the citizens can no longer be accounted for. A government that should have been attacked with a vote of no confidence continues to flourish while the masses revel in abject poverty.

All that is beside the point right now and will be adequately dealt with in a dedicated post, but while our democracy suffers, it continues to be immersed into a bottomless pit from which no help seems to be forthcoming anytime soon. While our dear country continues to be battered daily through the actions of a clearly misguided government, our democracy, on the other hand, is taking hits from different dangerous angles and very soon will be knocked out.

The concept of Godfatherism is not new in the Nigerian system and has been a very strong pillar of the Nigerian politics since the days of notable godfathers such as the likes of the Babangidas, Very Quiet Abdusalams, Abachas etc. of the Northern Aristocracy, and the Obasanjos, Tinubus, Iboris, among others in the Southern parts of the country. The recently conducted Gubernatorial election in Osun state and the Lagos state APC primaries election have clearly shown how much power one man possesses as far as the South West politics is concerned.

While both cases differ in their specifics, as the will of the people is very clearly shoved under the mat in the Osun state election, the Lagos primaries show explicitly how much power the Jagaban of Lagos wields in Lagos state and Yoruba land in general. In Osun state, Senator Ademola Adeleke was clearly cheated out of the mandate handed over to him by his people in favor of the preferred candidate of the APC and anointed choice of Current governor Aregbesola who’s a famous poster boy of the powerful Jagaban and PDP despite the efforts of the Senate President and Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar lost a very critical battle which might make or mar their future in the upcoming 2019 general elections or not. In Lagos state, on the other hand, current Governor Ambode was given a taste of his own cup of tea as it is very clear that he did not become a governor by merit but as a result of being Tinubu’s favoured brethren at the time, and now that he’s fallen out of favour, the young politician refuses to sit back down and let this slide. And well, he’s being shown the way out by his party members in a perfectly orchestrated ousting.

Dear Nigerians, elections are coming very fast and we’ve all had a preview of what’s to come with the spectacle shown in the recently conducted elections. Is it still largely possible for democracy to be allowed to follow it’s due course in the upcoming elections or are our Permanent Voters Card going to be just free tickets to the Nigerian collective movie cinema come 2019? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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