DAYWATCH- Short Story.

It took a little long, although some might say too long for me to realize how important our contributions were to humanity as a whole. At Daywatch, our top priorities included creating comics with special moral inclinations and getting them to the downtown kids who have been strategically secluded from the outside world by the government of the day. They were already deprived of standard schools but the final blow was when the big publishers started boycotting the downtown stores.

I’m Gecko, a founding and probably only surviving member of the Daywatch. Daywatch is a simple group of online geeks who met via the dark web. Looking back now, I think the desire to share our stories with the world had us make our way to the dark web, except for the Professor, of course, he had no problem sharing his stories. He was a semi-retired comic book writer who once had a juicy publishing deal with a major company before he lost sympathy for supporting the downtown resistance in his books. There was also Boogieman whom none of us knew much about till today except that he was a graphic novel writer and editor, he handled all our editorials and outside communications. I’m a student occasionally when the downtown schools are open and a writer with big dreams, I wrote most of the comic books, handled the downtown communiqué and distribution.

Professor never wrote much but supervised and proofread the comics. He was never short of ideas and never failed to pump every publication with fresh ideas. We only met in person once, for a brief second when we had distribution problems and he had to be in the field to keep us on schedule, he was too much of a mystery and had a thing for always yapping about never disclosing identities.

The boogieman was a downtown rat like me who managed to fight his way out of the slums but never found a way back. He always regretted running away for like he said “I never could fit in you know, the life out here is all pretense. Everyone is always lying about something”. He was, on the other hand, a bull when it came to editing and many of the comic books usually came out with a more brilliant look and always a new perspective whenever they passed by him. He was once rumored to have sold a bestseller graphic novel twice with the same story but different perspectives. He lived in constant fear of being found out as a downtowner and therefore lived a rather private life. We never met, not once.

A few weeks ago, the Professor stopped communicating suddenly without any prior notice. This had of course never happened before, he often went offline for days but he always left a message somewhere in the dark web for us to see. He loved that element of mystery so dearly, but it was different this time and I could feel that something was wrong. I put on the red alert for the Boogieman for when he came back with the edited version of the Daywatch for that month and plans for the distribution drop for the next issue. That was when I saw his encrypted message, he’d finally been captured. He’d dropped the edited versions for me in an encrypted key along with the plans for the next issue, it seemed like he’d gotten a wind of his exposure and had managed to put everything in motion, his message ended with “You’re strong Gecko, don’t let them stop you!! Daywatch is not a group of people it’s a resistance”.

So while I await the return of the Professor, I distribute the current issues and start work on the next. These kids might not have access to good education but they would definitely have access to imagination and with the help of a new team, I’m going to make sure that their world does not fall into shambles.

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