The White Man

A domineering lie in my generation

Is this unsanctioned war against the white man

Able-bodied men and fully grown ladies

They all stay away from the farm

Just for a chance to enlist in this war

An Africa that is so backward technologically

Accounts for 40% of Steve’s Apple

What a life we live in

A generation that only loves to consume

Like a wildfire on a dry maize farm

It just has to get high

So we all wake up one day and choose

To kiss our fellow human out of greed

Not caring for the facets of tomorrows

We keep living in yesterday

As an excuse for our nincompoop-ity

I hope for the future

When we’ll realize the albino is also white

And we’d be shamed for killing our kinsman


EXCERPT FROM CACOPHONY BY Bisi-Taiwo Chukwumerije.

CACOPHONY- A seemingly discordant sound, very unpleasant to the ears.

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