Christmas gift, Nigeria and the way forward.

It’s just a couple of minutes to Christmas and after sitting home all day, reminiscing about the entire year and how it’s impacted both I and everyone around me, I decided to write about something dear to me as a christmas gift to friends and family and anyone else who comes across this.

I come from a long line of politicians (this isn’t a history lesson so we’ll just leave it at that), and therefore as a youngster it seemed quite natural for me take a liking to Nigeria’s albeit very complicated political scene. As I put up this piece, it is exactly 53 days to the already massively publicised Nigerian general election slated to hold in February 2019. As an aside, I think it’s quite important for you to be aware that I’m not contesting in the forthcoming elections, neither is my father nor any closely related family member (at least not for now) although you can be rest assured that we all definitey have our fingers in one pie or the other as far as that election is concerned.

Nigeria as a nation despite her many inadequacies, has come a long way from that 90’s baby as far as our democracy is concerned. She has definitely grown into a beautiful young lady although clogged with numerous controversies but then isn’t that a common occurrence with pretty young ladies? Our democracy has over time grown and for that we’re very grateful especially after the last president decided to respect a democratic decision as controversial as it was, and some are in fact of the opinion that if not for that sacrifice this beautiful young lady would have most probably slipped back into the clutches of the military junta which from experience does not augur well with developing countries and well, history is replete is what they say anyway.

In a country where education is prioritized to a certain extent, I believe that no reasonable citizen need be prodded concerning electoral issues and political participation or apathy, but well life in theory and practical are a very strange affair aren’t they? Given their opposite disposition to situations. All year round, our laudable electoral body has cajoled, encouraged, and pleaded with the generality of the country to maintain a more positive approach to our forthcoming election in the race for a better democracy, sustainable development and all round alleviation for the average Nigerian citizen. A democracy as some of us argue is the perfect system of governance in the world today, especially in countries like Nigeria where diversity is as common as sandy soil in the land of arochukwu and our very own INEC having over the years evolved in the deployment of her electoral duties has contributed to the upliftment of our democracy over the years is still also in the growth stage very much like our democracy itself.

Now, kindly digest all I’ve rambled on about above and receive your christmas gift like a dutiful patriot. Dear friend, just like the biblical proverbial phrase “silver or gold, I have none…” but this little gift of mine I hope you receive it with appreciative gusto. My christmas gift to you is the way out of the present fix our dear country lies in, the Presidential candidacy of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi of the People’s Democratic Party. Never has the vision of one man for his beloved country been so clearly laid out and offered with sincerity and transparency since the demise of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance and also implore you to vote for a better Nigeria come February 2019.

Let’s all get Nigeria working again, for that’s our only hope for a better future.

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