Five Reasons why President Buhari and His Stalwarts will Rig the Election Forcefully.

As I prepare to write this article, I remember the first time I discussed politics with my grandfather as a political enthusiast. PDP had just lost the gubernatorial seat at the court of appeal to grassroots opposition Labour Party in Ondo state. I can still remember him echoing very clearly “PDP merely lost her footing, we’ll get back up very soon”.

Sadly, he died well before he could see that happen, and I’m very sure that he must have turned in his grave when President Buhari won the people’s mandate in 2015, four years later, the strength of the democracy my grandfather adored so much is about to be tested once again. As much as I want to believe that our democracy is strong enough to withstand that test, I know within me that I’m wrong.

Well, let’s leave my dead ancestor out of this discussion for now and address this President Buhari and his issue with Nigerians. There have been lots of speculations as regards the 2019 election which will take place in less than a month. Honestly speaking, I don’t think Nigerians and even the world, in general, has ever anticipated an election with this much intensity (except the United States Trump VS Hillary election, you know how we Nigerians like to do amebo now). A large proportion of the populace has voiced out their concerns especially given the body language of President Buhari and the APC towards the upcoming election.

5 Reasons Why President Buhari and His Stalwarts will Rig forcefully in February


A Quick Glance at President Buhari’s APC and its Structural Strength

The events which led to President Buhari’s election as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a simple case of what I call “Salvage Branding”. Before we give credit to the branding, let’s take a look at the coalition which is today’s APC. The All Progressives Congress was created on February 6, 2013, prior to the 2015 general elections as a coalition aimed at sending the then ruling People’s Democratic Party packing. The APC consisted of the three biggest opposition parties at the time, the ACN, CPC, ANPP and a section of APGA. (Google the full meaning of the acronyms if you don’t know, I cannot spoon feed you all the time).


5 Reasons Why President Buhari and His Stalwarts will Rig forcefully in February

The coalition was of course what Nigeria needed and it was sold to every dick and harry from the onset, except for all the party representatives who handled the merger. It is ironic isn’t it, but yeah you saw right. All the signatory representatives of the merging parties including the section of APGA decamped and joined the PDP in less than 2 years after APC’s historic win in the 2015 elections.

(Kindly click on that info or visit google if you don’t believe). Although the coalition achieved its aim, Nigerian’s have learnt a four-year lesson from that singular coalition. It is now very glaring that the All Progressive Congress which is currently Nigeria’s largest political organization has no structure and could not buy one despite her party members’ indiscriminate looting of public funds, and our President Buhari is either the greatest scam artist in the world or just plain dead because walahi, that is not the President Buhari we voted for even though I still find it very hard to believe the Jubril the Impostor story.

Although the APC can still boast of a majority share of voters spread out throughout the country especially in the country, her house is like a pack of cards and it’s steadily crumbling down right under the arrogant leadership of President Buhari and brutish Adams Oshiomole.

The APC Media team branded President Buhari as a saviour and targeted the youth population of whom majority wasn’t alive when Buhari was military head of state. They beautifully sold us the story of Integrity, Discipline and used the then emerging social media armour tank to convince us that he was the right man for the job. Although they really didn’t have to work very much, I must also confess that a sizeable majority of Nigerians yearned desperately for change, if only we understood that “the devil you know analysis wasn’t meant for fiction alone”.  Alas a tenure is almost completed and well, there is next to nothing to show for it. It seems like Nigeria, the world’s most populated black nation decided in 2015 to take a backward plunge in the opposite direction from the rest of the world.


  1. Our economy is in shambles.
  2. It turns out that the anti-corruption was all just a sham, APC is even worse at it and President Buhari sits in the middle of this drama.
  3. The death toll is up by almost 400% in less than four years, and the perpetrators are either getting amnesty or under Baba’s protection.
  4. The Federal Government and a majority of the state governments are in severe debt with no means of payment.
  5. Worst of all President Buhari, an active campaigner against “GODFATHERISM” prior to 2015, convener of “I belong to everyone and I belong to no one” answers to a cabal of half-witted northern stooges.


Dear reader, it is today o’clock. At this juncture we have to admit, we handed over our lives to an imp who was simply desperate for power and has no clue what to do with it except to enrich his loyalists. 


Here are Five Reasons why Buhari and His Stalwarts will definitely Rig the Election Forcefully.

1.Irreparable Loss of Messiah Status.

It is no news that President Buhari, Nigeria’s most popular politician at the moment is becoming increasingly unpopular among the Nigerian electorate. The old man in question lied to Nigeria about virtually everything. I’m pretty sure if anyone ever tries to use integrity as a political rally point in any election, Nigerians are sure to be staying away for a long time to come. President Buhari in 2015 served as a beacon of hope to many, unfortunately, it turns out that the trust placed in the frail shadow of a man was grossly misplaced.

Gone are the days when the most popular election phrase in Nigeria was “SAI BABA” Well, it’s just fourteen days to the election and we can no longer hear the people clamouring for the ‘messiah’, everybody just wants to survive till February 16 and just go vote that idiot out mehn.  Given the situation of things, Nigerians have stopped looking at Buhari from the perspective that we were taught, the scales have fallen and everyone sees him for what he has always been, an elaborate scam!

5 Reasons Why President Buhari and His Stalwarts will Rig forcefully in February


2. President Buhari’s Controversial Appointments/Sacks Prior to Election.

Although many will argue that certain political appointments are subject to President Buhari’s prerogative, this does not mean we Nigerians are blind to the message being sent across. The desperate attempts by President Buhari to make some last minute appointments and resignations have shown how desperate he is to cling on to power. The final straws that broke the back being the CJN Onnoghen sack and the appointment of Aminu Zakari as INEC Head of Collation.  It seems like Nigerians are now tired of Mr Integrity displacing well-performing appointees and replacing them with stooges who are not only loyal to him but also show nepotistic tendencies.

Here is what I say, Nigerians are not blind!


3. Tradermoni, Farmermoni & Marketmoni Grand Scam.

The tradermoni, farmermoni and marketmoni is an empowerment project aimed at improving small scale businesses. Although I must confess, it is pretty obvious that this project which suddenly came back to life a few weeks to the election is an incredibly smart move. The APC simply used the Osun and Ekiti elections as a testing ground so as to perfect the play for the February 16 general election. The project is a very seamless way of pumping out funds to the grassroots, and already wets the ground for APC’s vote buying technique.

 Five Reasons why Buhari and His Stalwarts will definitely Rig the Election Forcefully

The simple fact that Vice President Osinbajo has dumped his official duties and toured almost every local government area in the South West, fronting this project and cajoling people with empty promises is a testament to this. Prof. Osinbajo is one of the major reasons why we bought the Integrity story, and it is such a pity that such giant of a man has been reduced to begging for votes for his lifeless boss. (Unless of course, APC is simply planning to do what Obj did with Yar’adua in 2007, you didn’t see that here o!).

4. Compulsory INEC Duty for NYSC Members.

For the first time in the history of Nigerian elections, INEC announced that all NYSC members were to take part as ADHOC staff of the commission during the February and March General elections in Nigeria.

This is a desperate attempt by President Buhari and the APC to cut down the number of youth voters which account for almost half of the total votes according to INEC. It is very pitiful that a government that was basically voted in my this same youth population in 2015 can no longer place its future in their hands, I wonder why that is? By reducing the number of educated votes, President Buhari and APC hope to clinch the victory.

5 Reasons Why President Buhari and His Stalwarts will Rig forcefully in February

5. Poor Performance at Public Functions.

President Buhari should indeed be awarded an Oscar for his performance in the past years because Nigerians are honestly confused as to how we went from a nation that elected a supposed “Change Activist” to one that parades an incoherent, blind, deaf and dumb man as president. This is so evident in how the APC campaign trail has fared so far, with no concise explanation as to the direction of its Next Level. Imagine a student not passing a pre-requisite course enthusiastic towards the next one, where is the fool going, please?

President Buhari has shown from his interviews and rallies that he can no longer sufficiently handle the pressures of leadership given his lacklustre contribution to the state of affairs and is therefore prepared to play dirty to make sure he doesn’t have to return to Daura next month. For an incumbent president to disrespect his citizens with such impunity, there can only be one reason, “he has assurance”. 

5 Reasons Why President Buhari and His Stalwarts will Rig forcefully in February


5 Reasons Why President Buhari and His Stalwarts will Rig forcefully in February

There is only one simple solution to our collective Buhari problem, Outvote the Bastard! For those who had to be cajoled by INEC to register for the PVC, please don’t let it repeat itself on election day. Even if you do not own a PVC, don’t hide in the corner of your room let’s all come out to defend the votes. Stay there till it is counted, like I always say, Nigerian elections won’t be held on Twitter. As it is we’re not here to discuss who is a better candidate but to say no to tyranny and bad governance both of which President Buhari is a staunch follower of.

There is an elaborate scheme dedicated to outwitting the system and jeopardising your votes this February, please stand against this impunity. The only sure way to extract accountability is to begin to hold our leaders to ransom.


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